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The G-Spot is shrouded in mystery, but in reality is easy to find and easy to stimulate. Here we will look at how. The two sexual positions enclosed, are guaranteed to stimulate the G-Spot and give a woman fantastic orgasms. Lets give you an exact roadmap on how to find it and then show you how to stimulate it.

What is the G-spot?

The “G” in the word G-spot is for the discoverer of a mysterious area found in the vagina. His name was Ernst Grafenberg, hence the “G” in his honor.

Actually the G-spot is an area, not a spot, and could be considered bean shaped.

Technically it’s the woman’s analog to the man’s prostate, and known as the Para urethral gland. It appears as spongy tissue about 30 centimeters from the vagina’s entrance, located on the frontal vaginal wall (facing the abdomen and not the back).

This area is about the size of a 1 Euro coin, and can easily be distinguished from other parts of the vaginal wall by its ridges. Moreover, as the woman becomes sexually excited, these ridges become harder and more pronounced, as they are composed of erectile tissue (as are the penis and nipples). With enough stimulation, the G-spot area engorges with blood, becomes highly sensitive, and can (and will) cause a profound orgasm if stimulated correctly.

The Best Way to Find the G-spot!

Here is a simple but powerful technique, to find and stimulate the G-spot and give you partner a mind blowing orgasm.

With the woman placed on her back, legs spread at a comfortable distance, begin to…


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